Green Bonds Transparency with IDB

Concept to be presented at UNFCCC COP25

Evaluation version of Atmo is available for free download

CRF experience for Non-Annex I Countries

Spherical is releasing the evaluation version of Atmo, its flagship greenhouse gas inventory and MRV software. Atmo will provide developing countries with the first experience of using CRF tables for reporting.

Programming as a career

Programming as a career

Michael Vartanayan's presentation at Bonn Interantional School

New version of Atmo is out

Improvements to overall usability and speed; additional automated checks and visualization capabilities.

Spherical is invited to plan IT arrangements for an integrated MRV system in Sri Lanka

The project is funded by the World Bank under the Partnership for Market Readiness.

Spherical is selected to take part in the project to update the NDC of Ukraine

The project is led by the National Institute of Economic Forecasting and funded by EBRD.