About Us

spherical.pm is materializing the potential that information technology can bring into global sustainability efforts.

We are building systems, big and small, that support international efforts to protect the environment; eradicate poverty; provide universal access to basic utilities, health care, food and education; and provide transparency and accountability in governance.

Thinking globally and for the long term, we are at the same time concentrated on the specific task at hand to deliver solutions quickly and economically for our clients.

We will support you from the idea stage of your project and help you formulate requirements; hone the features of your hardware, software or web system; and turn it into a popular product that fulfils its intended mission.

We are technology and management veterans who have long experience delivering IT solutions for the United Nations, governmental and intergovernmental organizations, and the private sector.

We understand the processes associated with publicly funded activities, and we are happy to play by complex rules as long as we believe that your goal is making the world a better place.

Mission Statement

Spherical exists to enable and unite progressive humanity to achieve its global goals. We use our technology and data expertise to create trust by providing transparency, to use limited resources wisely by providing comparability and analysis, to spark innovation by detecting insights, and to fuel the momentum for sustainable development by delivering beautiful, simple and convincing advocacy materials to the masses.

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  • Phone +49 (0) 228 52264932
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  • Email support@spherical.pm
  • Registered office Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 2
    53113 Bonn
  • Registering authority Amtsgericht Bonn
  • Registration number HRA 8778
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  • Prokurist / Managing Director Michael Vartanyan